For students who want to join us

Participation procedures

Thanks for your interest in joining us. We are looking forward to working with you.

You need to follow the following procedures to join us.

1. Contact us

Those who want to join us, please send a message that includes the following to through your CNS mail account.

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation and grade
  • Your student ID
  • Your CNS ID
  • Your mail address
  • A brief reason why you want to join us

2. Attend the 1st and 2nd joint guidance sessions

Since the Delight team is a part of the Nakamura Joint Lab., you need to attend the 1st and 2nd joint guidance about the Nakamura Joint Lab. There will be explanations about the joint research lab, and you can set some tools up to use while you do your Delight activities there, so you must attend them.

To check the schedule of the guidance sessions every term, please see joint research project's website.

3. Register courses via portal

If you decide to join our lab, please register for the joint research project by submitting course registration to the Office of Academic Affairs.

You may register for any combination of professors from the research lab: Murai, Nakamura, Kusumoto, Takashio, Van Meter, Uehara, Mitsugi, Nakazawa, Tezuka, Takeda, or Okoshi (except "Minamata studies" held on Tue. 5th period by Keisuke Uehara)

Other notices

For First-Year Students

SFC allows students in their first year to participate in research projects. For Delight, motivated and interested students can take courses from their first year.

Required courses or knowledge

There are no required courses or knowledge to join us. Regardless of your skills, you can join us if you are interested in our research topics and eager to work together.

About our activities

In Delight, we have regular meetings every Monday's 2nd and Thursday's 3rd-5th period. Students who take our courses are required to attend these meetings on-site. In these meetings, we read papers, discuss research topics, and do group work to improve our knowledge and skills.

Our research topics relate to "decentralized systems" or "distributed systems." In particular, we focus on "digital identity," "verifiable data architecture," and "network architecture," but we are not limited to these topics. As long as it is related to "decentralized systems" or "distributed systems," you can freely work on it.

For example, we have done the following activities in the past.

  • Read papers and acquire knowledge that is the basis of research activities
  • Learn the basics of computer science using CS50
  • Read a book named "Mastering Bitcoin" and learn the basics of blockchain
  • Read a book named "入門 コンピュータ科学" (Introduction to Computer Science) and learn the basics of computer architecture
  • Do a hackathon for a semester as a team and acquire basic software development skills
  • Hold a discussion meeting and discuss hot topics in the field as said above

In addition, Delight is collaborating with the Delight Working Group of the WIDE Project, and we are also interacting with researchers outside SFC.

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